Consolidated Housekeeping: Quality comes from experience

Consolidated Housekeeping is known for its professional, thorough and cost-efficient solutions. We come recommended by a growing number of customers


What our customers say about our work

"The employees in my company place great value on cleanliness. So it is a good thing that we can rely on Consolidated Housekeeping, no matter the circumstance. The cleaning personnel are always punctual, they do their work quickly and conscientiously. Take our word for it!"


"Reliable and with an eye for detail. Consolidated Housekeeping has been cleaning my Branches for 43 years.


My facility is an airport hub at the JFK International airport. Having the tarmac attached to our facility makes keeping the building clean a challenge. I can say in all sincerity that Consolidated Cleaning has been the first company to do so.

I have gone through the painful task of replacing cleaning company with cleaning company with cleaning company, until I found Consolidated. The Consolidated group came in, assessed my situation and presented a plan to A. get my facility to the level of cleanliness I desired B. To maintain that level. I gave Consolidated an opportunity and could not be more pleased that I did. They have done a spectacular job of keeping their promise to me.

The most valuable part of dealing with Consolidated is the relationship. Consolidated understands business. They understood that I have a business to run and simply do not have the time to deal with cleaning. They took initiative to clean what needed, without my prompting. Made suggestions when they spotted something that they can help with. They TOOK CARE of my cleaning needs, so I can concentrate on business.

I recommend Consolidated without hesitation. It is a pleasure to deal with Consolidated and plan on maintaining our relationship.

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