Competent, Thorough and Reliable

Consolidated Housekeeping, a privately owned and operated company, provides commercial cleaning services for the New York  Our dedicated team of cleaning specialists has over 43 years of  experience in the industry. You will benefit from our competence, as Consolidated Housekeeping has consistently delivered outstanding results.


  • Excellent communication through frequent customer contact
  • Ongoing education and training to meet OSHA regulations
  • Intensive training programs for our employees
  • Quality control through frequent inspections
  • Keeping abreast of technological advances
  • Approved labeling and MSDS sheets
  • Innovative management techniques
  • Ongoing safety programs
  • Effective recruiting
  • Fully-Insured and Bonded

Our Cleaners

We Demonstrate Our Professionalism By Using Bench Marking Techniques!

  •  By implementing important safety guidelines.
  •  By providing high quality cleaning.
  •  By effectively training our employees & supervisors.
  •  By providing ongoing supervision.
  •  By reports, we measure productivity.

Consolidated Housekeeping cleaners are hired after successful background checks. Our staff is fully trained and easily recognizable by its Consolidated Housekeeping uniform. All our cleaners are under contract with Consolidated Housekeeping.



Do you have questions?

We would be happy to help. Please call us at +1 718 9385350 or use our contact form.



Mission Statement



Our purpose is to provide priority service to all customers regardless of size.


                      Our customers can rely upon our services

                      twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year.


The work entrusted to our care is characterized by:




We continually develop our internal resources to ensure that customers’ requests are never refused. In the most complex situations, we combine and adapt all available resources to meet our customers’ needs and assure the result they expect.




We practice the art of communication with our customers and within our company. We work together as a team: informed and knowledgeable, secure in our competence and ability, with full confidence in the knowledge that our individual efforts are supported by the entire CONSOLIDATED team.




We act fairly and honestly with our customers and with each other. Delays or other service mishaps are dealt with promptly, to the best of our ability. We take all necessary steps to assure the safety and security of our customers’ and fellow employees. We take no risks that might adversely affect performance and service quality.




Our experience affirms our belief that the world will recognize and reward character. We trust that it will always be so. We will continue to build upon our character, forever developing and extending to our customers our finest qualities as members of the CONSOLIDATED organization.